Cannabis Sativa Terpene Blend - Calm 30ml 


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Calm is a special Tasmanian Cannabis Terpene blend containing Hemp Seed Oil, Myrcene, D-Limonene and Linalool to help keep you cool, calm and collected. Made by the team at ECS Botanics, this handy dropper bottle can be used under the tongue or topically.

Terpenes are chemicals occurring naturally in plants including cannabis. They add to or enhance the smell and flavour of plant-based foods. Natural plant terpenes are used as flavourings and fragrances in foods, cosmetics, perfumes and wellness products.

Among the many benefits promised by ECS Botanics are anti-inflammatory effects, help with depression and anxiety and stress and tension relief, relaxation and help with sleep and insomnia as well as being antifungal.

Wellness Blend | Promotes Stress Relief | Natural | Anti-Inflammatory  


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