Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original 100g


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Stocks & BrothsNo 'chicken soup for the soul' is complete without some slow cooked chicken broth, and nutra ORGANICS have made it so that you can have delicious slow cooked chicken bone broth ready in seconds with this Homestyle Original broth.

nutra ORGANICS do their broth the traditional way, using apple cider vinegar for nutrient extraction and simmering the bones for over 12 hours before skimming the fat and straining for impurities. The mixture is then gently refractance dried in to a super convenient powder you can mix with water to your liking. Drink it as is with spring onions or add it to your favourite recipes for a nutrient and flavour hit.

Slow Cooked for Over 12hrs | Australian Free Range Chicken Bones | Organic



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