Beef Bone Broth Turmeric 100g


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Bone broth hardly needs an introduction as a health food. Used for hundreds of years by cultures across the globe it is still consumed today for its gut friendly, nourishing properties and the Turmeric Beef Bone Broth by nutra ORGANICS is no exception. 

nutra ORGANICS follows the classic recipe using apple cider vinegar to draw out mineral content and simmering the bones for 48hrs before the broth is strained for impurities and the fat skimmed off the top. It is then gently refractance dried into an easy to consume powder that you can mix up to your liking with hot water and drink as is or include in recipes. This turmeric broth has the added health benefits of curcumin and delicious earthy flavour of turmeric. 

48hr slow cooked broth | Natural Source of Vitamins and Minerals | Grass Fed Beef



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