Green Calcium Vegan Capsules x240


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If you were looking for plant based calcium supplementation then look no further than Green Nutritionals Green Calcium. This product is made from 100% organic Lithothamnium calcareum marine plant from the South West coast of Ireland and the North West coast of Iceland that delivers 34% elemental calcium and 72 other trace minerals that Green Nutritionals say are essential for bone health and wellbeing. That includes minerals such as magnesium, zinc, boron, selenium, iodine and strontium.

The plant has a 5 year lifespan after which it settles on the seabed and is sustainably harvested under ISO 9001-2000 certification with nothing else added to produce these capsules.

What makes this product so unique, according to the folks at Green Nutritionals, is the fact that it has such a large, porous 'honeycomb' like structure making it easily bioavailable and absorbed into the body, allowing the spectrum of minerals to work in synergy.

Vegan | Sustainably Harvested | 100% Organic | Contains 72 Trace Minerals



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