Jackfruit Chilli Lime - 300g

Gluten FreeVegan

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How do you get all the deliciousness of pulled pork without the pork? Easy, use Uptons Naturals Chilli Lime jackfruit. This plant based product makes the perfect substitute and is based on jackfruit that's handled with care and expertly flavoured by the team at Uptons Naturals. Try it today and you'll want more, we promise. 

Use this filling for a sandwich, with a side of coleslaw, or with whatever sides you like, and you can add chilli sauce for extra heat or agave syrup to sweeten. 

Enjoy your Chilli Lime Jackfruit within 5 days of opening, and refrigerate after opening. Mix the product up first for best results and pan fry over a medium heat with a liittle oil for 8-10 minutes, breaking up the product for a finer shred if desired. 

Vegan | Naturally Flavoured | Free From Preservatives 



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