DIY, Easy Melt Premixed 25 Bees Wax Wrap Kit + Instructions


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Create your own beeswax wraps with this DIY kit from Ballina Honey. Nothing artificial, nothing you don't need. You get the ingredients and some simple instructions to follow delivered straight to your door.

Beeswax wraps can be used to wrap left over food and snacks, sandwiches and more.

This kit contains enough ingredients to make at least 25 large (35cm x 35cm) Beeswax Wraps from scratch. Simply cut with a knife to portion size if the full 25 is not required.

Contained in the premade kit is beeswax from Ballina Honey Hives, hand ground pine tree Gum Rosin, jojoba oil and the instruction brochure.

Simply Melt the Block of Premixed Ingredients.

All you need to do is choose your favourite 100% cotton fabric and follow the instructions.

Product weight: 875g

Natural Beeswax from Local Hives | Plastic Free | Free From Artificial Colours and Fragrances

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