Stellar Dome EMR Protection Gold


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The Orgone Effects Australia Stellar Dome offers portable, wearable EMR protection for your home, or while you are out and about. The Stellar dome is said to create healthy Ley Line energy, usually only found in special sites across the world like Stone henge and cathedrals.

The Stellar Dome is a negative charge resonance field generator, designed to balance positive charge from WiFi, 5G, EMR and bioplasmic radiation generated by humans. According to the team at Orgone Effects Australia, too much positive charge depletes the Chinese Meridian energy and leads to EMF stress. The Stellar Dome also creates a Geoelectric current through the ground to neutralise harmful earth radiation.  

The Stellar Dome was tested in Dickson, Canberra, in February 2019 against 5G radiation and Orgone Effects Australia testifies that it was effective against 5G.

Wifi Harmoniser | Neutralises EMF Radiation


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