Urban Composter Compost Accelerator Refill 1000ml


Sale price$18.95


This is the refill for the accelerator spray for use with the Urban Composter Bokashi composting system. This accelerator contains EM-1 cultures (effective microorganisms) to help food scraps ferment and break down easily once buried in the soil. 

How To Use the Urban Composter System:

  • Cut up your food scraps and add them to the Urban Composter bucket.
  • Spray with compost accelerator each time scraps are added or each new layer that is formed. About 4-5 sprays each time.
  • Push scraps down so that the layers are compacted.
  • Replace the lid.
  • Once the bucket is full, or has sat for two weeks, bury the scraps in the soil for them to finish breaking down.

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