Urban Composter Bokashi Bucket - Berry Lid


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Compost all your food scraps - including meat, fish and dairy products or egg shells - using the unique bokashi compost accelerator method. The Urban Composter Bokashi compost bucket offers a stylish, air tight and easy way to help your food break down and turn into fertiliser from your kitchen benchtop.

This composting system is anaerobic, and uses micro organisms to ferment the food while it's in the bucket so that it quickly breaks down when it's buried in the soil after it's been working inside the bucket for two weeks. 

The Urban Composter Bokashi Bucket comes complete with the following items:

1 x bucket made from recycled plastic

1 x berry purple coloured lid

1 x drain tray

1 x tap


29cm diameter, 40cm high at back, 35cm high at front. Approx 16L capacity. 

please note that compost accelerator is sold separately, and is also available via this website.

How To Use:

  • Cut up your food scraps and add them to the Urban Composter bucket.
  • Spray with compost accelerator each time scraps are added or each new layer that is formed. About 4-5 sprays each time.
  • Push scraps down so that the layers are compacted.
  • Replace the lid.
  • Once the bucket is full, or has sat for two weeks, bury the scraps in the soil for them to finish breaking down.

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