Daily Care Broad Spectrum Synbiotic 60 caps


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Terraflora Daily Care Synbiotic contains both spore form probiotics and ancient food based prebiotics to support good gut health and digestion. The team at Enviromedica have done their work and say that these are the benefits you can expect from taking this product:

  • Support of GI and Immune health
  • Support of healthy inflammation response in the GI
  • Introduces two novel, GRAS-affirmed Bacillus strains; Bacillus pumilus- a study backed producer of riboflavin (B12) and antioxidant carotenoids and Bacilus megaterium a natural producer of bioavailable antioxidant carotenoids in the GI tract

This synbiotic is also formulated with a highly resilient spore based strain resistant to the stressors of heat, stomach acid, light and time.

Spore Based Resilient Strains | Free From Gluten and Fillers | Supports Gut Health



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